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Not to miss out...

You’ve come to know South-eastern Sicily and Ragusa maybe watching the TV fiction “Il Commissario Montalbano”, reading an interesting article in the newspaper or in a magazine, surfing on the internet or simply talking to friends or relatives. Well, why don’t you think of spending here your next holidays and discover personally how rich in history, arts, food and natural beauty Sicily is.
You can visit Sicily and the Province of Ragusa all year round.
As you can spend a week in the area of Ragusa, you shouldn’t miss out to visit some historical site and towns: the “Parco Archeologico della Forza”, by Ispica or the “Regional Archaeological Museum of Camarina” by Santa Croce Camerina. Let yourself be surprised by the spectacular late-baroque architectures of Ragusa, Modica and Scicli, recorded by UNESCO in the world heritage list. Do not forget “Donnafugata castle” only 15 km away from Ragusa and close to Comiso and “the castle of the Princes of Biscari” in Acate.
From January to December, you’ll have the chance to experience one of the several religious festivals and religious feasts devoted to saints and patron saints all through the region. Just to mention some of them: the “Cavalcata di San Giuseppe” in Scicli around March 19th, the sumptuous and heartfelt celebrations during the Holy Week culminating on Easter Sunday with the “Madonna Vasa-Vasa” in Modica and “L’Uomo Vivo” in Scicli. At the end of April do not miss the “Festa di San Giorgio” in Modica as well as, on the last weekend of May, the “Festa della Madonna delle Milizie”, an interesting historical reenactment of the battle dating back to 1091 between Normans and Arabs. And again, in June the religious “Festa di San Pietro” in Modica or the “Festa di San Giovanni” in Ragusa at the end of August. Last but not least, feel the privilege of spending a “summery” Christmas in Sicily and visit the “Presepe vivente” set in Ispica, Scicli, Modica, Vittoria, Giarratana, Chiaramonte Gulfi, and Monterosso Almo.
If you come and spend your holiday in Sicily in spring or in autumn, you’ll enjoy the lively folk festivals mainly promoting and highlighting local produce, as the caciocavallo ragusano, the Monti Iblei extra virgin oil of olive, the cioccolata modicana, the datterino tomato from Scicli or the carrot from Ispica. These as other popular festivals in Ragusa are a good opportunity to see and taste how the Sicilian cooks are able to combine high quality and fresh local produce with old and traditional recipes.
In the end if you think of the area of Ragusa, as well as of all South-eastern Sicily, think a nature that follows the gentle and sweet rhythm of the seasons. Starting from the Hyblaean Mountains at 700 m.s.l, imagine of driving down the natural preserves of Pino d’Aleppo or Fiume ( river) Irminio to reach the long sandy beaches of Marina di Ragusa, Donnalucata, Sampieri or Pozzallo, while crossing miles of land spotted with olive and carob trees, dry-stone walls, chamaerops and lots of colourful flowers.